Nagel Candleholders Collection Starter

I came home with an amazing ZERO on the pottery front yesterday, but I finally managed to pick up a reasonably priced set of four 60s/70s Nagel candleholders. Since it’s so difficult to find any detailed information on these at all on the web, I am simply going to assume that mine are BMF/Nagel, although I’m merely going by comparisons with other people’s images and descriptions in ebay listings.

They appear to be either brass or brass-plate, unlike the majority of interlocking candleholder sets I have seen. This probably means that it will take me another 5 years to find a few more to add onto my set. There are greater hardships, I’ll admit!

I love it when old things come up looking gleaming and new with minimal cleaning effort. Any success on the fleamarket front for you this weekend?

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6 Responses to Nagel Candleholders Collection Starter

  1. Brismod says:

    Woo hoo! You finally found some. I think they look great.xx

  2. littleowlski says:

    These are really cool! Not seen any before, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for some now. Emma

  3. These are beautiful – good score!

  4. TC says:

    May I ask what you used to clean them uu? They look pristine!
    I am also interested in collecting the Nagel candleholders but concerned about being able to clean them!

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