May Saturday

Things have been very busy around here work and life wise, but at least the weather’s played along today and granted us a cheery, sunny Saturday. Oh, and le Flea, c’est chic:
The piece on the left is a Scheurich 200-22 (A. Seide design) and features in Mark Hill’s 2006 publication Fat Lava. Yes, I was nerdily happy at finding it. The fantastic little lava vase on the right was my husband’s first West-German pottery purchase of his own (it’s catching)-as yet unidentified. Today was the day for homemade pizza……featuring some of the beautiful rocket we have been growing on our balcony (if you have never grown your own rocket–arugula to some of you–you simply must. It grows like weeds with little persuasion and tastes so.much.better. than store bought) I’m about to test my other fleamarket purchase of the day, my first ever Fat Lava candle holder (I know it’s brown! I’ve learned to live with it and so can you): And finally, no weekend flower bouquet this time around, just a few forlorn blooms floating in my iittala/Marimekko Maribowl…

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3 Responses to May Saturday

  1. littleowlski says:

    What’s the number underneath your husband’s find? If you let me know, I’ll see if I know what it is. On the picture, the glaze looks a bit like a Jopeko one; however, a few companies made ones that look a bit like that. x

    • lavalotti says:

      Hey there; the number on the bottom is 527 (hand carved on dark brown base.) The vase is really small, I think my husband paid 50 cents for it 🙂

  2. littleowlski says:

    Sorry, no ideas then! It’s thrown me with the hand carved bit! Try on the forum, they’ll probably know 🙂

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