Ceramano Pergamon Wall Plate

Since West-German pottery is still an emerging collectables field and our knowledge of what exactly is out there (seemingly unlimited numbers of shapes and glazes) is scant, collectors tend to work with few variables when deciding which pieces are more desirable than the rest. Crusty, textured “fat lava” glazes, outlandish colour combinations and shapes = all systems go. Depictions of vaguely prehistoric cave painting sensibility or faux classical designs=yes please. The latter category is where I would place one of my favourite West-German pottery decors, Ceramano’s “Pergamon” (designed by Hans Welling in 1959.)

I have bid (and been outbid on) more Pergamon pieces than I can even remember in the last year, so you can imagine my excitement at discovering an extremely reasonably priced, 30 cm-diameter-wall plate at my local fleamarket this weekend.

In my opinion, Ceramano is one of the companies with the most interesting output of shapes and decors in the West-German pottery field. The company was in existence from 1959 until 1984, and the relative rarity of pieces from this manufacturer (in comparison to pottery giant Scheurich) make them quite special to me. Pergamon pieces were handpainted (and usually marked as such on the bottom of vases or the backs of plates) and can be found on a variety of different shaped vessels, including candleholders (the latter often minus the iconic horsies.) Prices are going up fast, so make sure to pounce if you ever come across one in your fleamarketing, thrifting, or yard sale sojourns. Happy Mother’s Day, lovely moms!

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2 Responses to Ceramano Pergamon Wall Plate

  1. Mdvanii says:

    Great article on Ceramano…they are so diverse…the ones with animals (as you say, Cave Painting), not in the Neo-Greecian Pergamon style, are also amazing…I love the honeycomb looking coffee services too…Bravo for your find…it’s very elegant…the slate blue is simply wonderful…congratulations!

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