Saturday Treasures & Fat Lava Art

It really is official now: my husband’s caught the pottery bug. He’s getting good at spotting nice pieces too, the above Roth vase is his find (and my first with this particular glaze and colour combination.)
Roth seems to be one of the few manufacturers which combined the almost minimalist simplicity of a pure, smooth glaze with a surreal, oozing black lava contrast around the edge.
Talented pottery-spotter-in-training husband also discovered the vase on the left today. Initially I was certain that it must be a BAY (like the one on the right), but no! It’s a Dümler & Breiden (1113/23). The drama never ends in pottery land. The glazes on both of these are so tactile, so reminiscent of cave walls and rocks, neanderthal art! Or 1970s pottery for the masses. The better half also picked up the darling little brown Ruscha vase on the left of the above trio…for 50 cents it would have been rude not to. The original label (“Ruscha Art”) on the non-visible side is almost bigger than the vase itself, and I’m seriously thinking of removing it despite standard collecting conventions. Oh yeah baby, finally a fleamarket score I can call my own this weekend: an addition to my little Scheurich 414/16 collection, “Lora” glaze. I adore this particular glaze and colour combination and have been on the lookout for one for ages, despite the vague Norman Bates vibes this particular glaze triggers in my mind

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On a completely (and I do mean completely) different note, I was fortunate to discover the blog of talented Berlin-based artist Elisandra this week.

Image: Elisandra's Illustrations at

Elisandra is a fellow collector whose appreciation for West-German pottery is finding its way into her art. Should you desire to add another level to your own Fat Lava appreciation, the above print is available for purchase along with other fabulous pieces right here. Happy Saturday!

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4 Responses to Saturday Treasures & Fat Lava Art

  1. Corry says:

    What a sucessful day. Do I sense a level of competitiveness developing in the weekend feamarket hunts?
    I love the strong colours on some of the pieces. The yellow on the Roth vase particulaly appeals.
    Happy hunting tomorrow.

    • lavalotti says:

      Ha, I think Matt is definitely proud of his recent finds and getting quite good at hunting them out! We found a great lamp today, need to get a few good pictures to post.

  2. littleowlski says:

    Always love a 414! I’ve got the same one in that glaze in my collection too. ES Keramik are worth checking out as they also did the super shiny, brightly coloured glazes with frothy black over the top. Good finds! Emma

  3. Monica says:

    The black and yellow combo is so cool!

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