If Leary Had Made Pottery…

…I suspect it might have looked a little something like this. What will future archaeologists surmise about human culture in the 1970s based on a pottery find such as this one? Probably that people were smoking a lot of drugs and were wantonly reckless in their use of orange and yellow in home decor. This 50 cm floor vase is a Dümler & Breiden piece (marked “Relief 51/50 D&B) in a 1972 decor named “Juwel” (“jewel”.) I guess nobody thought of naming it “The Eye of Sauron”. M.P.Thomas features this piece in his book on German ceramics from the 60s and 70s. Something about this one reminds me a bit of Mexican pottery, specifically some of the exuberantly colourful designs I associate with objects commemorating the Day of the Dead

image: iflyastarship.blogspot.com

…and here it is merrily glowing away in our kitchen

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One Response to If Leary Had Made Pottery…

  1. littleowlski says:

    I have this exact one! And another one from the same range, but slightly smaller. I love it!!!

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