On Life and Lava Vase’s 15 Minutes of Fame

How cool is this–Berlin-based artist Elisandra has featured one of my West-German vases in a recent work of art of hers! From our dining room table… …to the realm of poster art! Spot it?

Elisandra’s depictions truly capture the sense of fun and joy that these pottery pieces radiate. Oh, and I believe this image will be available as a poster print soon in Elisandra’s shop, so make sure to check back there if you’d like to expand your love of collecting pottery to pottery art on your walls.

Some exciting life developments have been afoot here recently, but I’m keeping schtum until things have been finalised so as not to jinx things. Not that I’m superstitious or anything. I shall return tomorrow with the weekend’s fleamarket finds–happy Saturday!

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2 Responses to On Life and Lava Vase’s 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. sevenstarsimages says:

    aww Lotti, I am glad you like it! Its already available at Posterlounge.

    I have not sold one single Vases Poster yet, but I have no doubt that this will happen, only a few pple know fat lava till now.

    Good luck for your big changes! 😀

    • lavalotti says:

      Excellent, thanks for the link! Word just needs to get round via the blog community and the pottery forum and then I’m sure pottery collectors will catch on.

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