Weekend Loot

How can the weekend be over already? I didn’t do half the things I was hoping to this weekend and am staring down the barrel of a busy week at work. Join the club, right? Here are some quick snaps of this weekend’s combined fleamarket haul. You’ll be proud to hear that I left roughly 372 pieces of brown pottery behind, including one Carstens floor vase that I regret not buying now. First up, a jaunty Übelacker vase with a geometric pattern of primary colours (marked Ü-Keramik handbemalt–handpainted): For today’s lot I haven’t even attempted to do an elegant grouping, just a few shots of various pots and planters drying on the balcony after being hosed off in the sink. I know, the glamour never ends around here: The large orange jug is a Carstens (0881/19), the brown/black/beige vase in the middle is a Dümler & Breiden (1055/23), the little vase with the hole looks like Vest Keramik to me, and I have no idea about the Yves Klein blue bottle-shaped one…Jopeko? Roth? Next up, the planter round. You can never have enough planters, especially when, like us, you own an unruly amount of cacti and money plant cuttings… On the left, a fantastic Roth planter to go with its matching larger brother, on the right a Bay Keramik planter. This orange and brown child of the 70s looks like it might be Scheurich to me. In any case, it will be travelling to the office with me tomorrow where it will go well with the orange linoleum office floor. Yes, really. Both this little planter and the cactus are from fleamarkets. Just to illustrate how much of an underappreciated bargain art pottery from the 60s and 70s still is in the less hip German cities, everything I have just shown you came to a grand total of 6 EUR. While vintage furniture dealers are increasingly aspirational in their pricing of such items (when a few years ago they wouldn’t even have included them in their offerings), you can still get wonderful stuff for 40 cents a pop. Here are some of my finds in situ… Thank God for bookshelf storage space…

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8 Responses to Weekend Loot

  1. sevenstarsimages says:

    I wonder where you have been today, have not seen those 😉 But Berlin is big and has many flea markets. I have been on 3 markets today and I have amazing stuff at home now 😀 Still don´t know what to keep and how many of them

    • lavalotti says:

      We live in Kassel (although I do visit Berlin several times a year) so no fleamarket competition 🙂 I am starting to amass such a collection that I think I will need to try ebaying a few this summer to make some space, haha!

  2. sevenstarsimages says:

    it starts to get full, when you don´t know where to put them, I am already at that point now. I was even thinking of putting everything into a car one day and driving to London to sell them at a flea market, that would be fun and the English pple are crazier about them then Germans.

    pottery fans, don´t miss this: http://sevenstarsimages.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/free-desktops-for-june/

  3. littleowlski says:

    Really good finds Lottie, as always! Your blue ‘Yves’ one is definitely a Roth, as is its little brother on your second to last picture. We’ve got a little collection going of those in different sizes. Lovely glaze on that one! Emma

  4. Fat Cat says:

    OMG ! I NEED that Bay planter. Like right now. I’m bursting with envy 🙂

  5. lavalotti says:

    Thanks guys! Emma, I thought it looked Roth-like (Roth-esque? 🙂 ) Fat Cat, that Bay planter was so filthy that we could hardly tell what colour it was when we bought it. Elisandra, thanks for the link, am going check it out now!

  6. potsandpots says:

    Hello, I was just trying to find information on Vest pottery and stumbled upon your blog. I saw that my other half had suggested the blue vase in the second photo was Roth – I’m pretty sure it is a Ruscha – see here for lots of other similar vases – http://www.potsandpots.com/wgp-companies/ruscha/ruscha-gallery/

    The blue plant pot in the 3rd photo is by Roth though.

    Great blog

    Thanks Aidan

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Aidan, nice to see you here! Hope the new house is working out well for you guys and that you are starting to settle in nicely. Cheers for the I.D. of the vase–it can be such a guessing game with these pots!

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