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Birthdays & White Trash Fast Food

We spent last weekend in Berlin to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Usually birthdays pass by quietly at our house with a slice of cake and a pat on the back (oh okay, and presents too), but this year we actually … Continue reading

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A Bit of Everything

Thanks so much everyone for all your good wishes on the house. The joy and excitement of it all are definitely overriding any nerves at having to organise a move (and bathroom renovation at the house) at short notice. I’m … Continue reading

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Our House

Tada! After my husband calling me a superstitious wuss one time too many for not sharing the news, the time has come to spill. We bought our first house! It’s a townhouse built in 1965 in one of Kassel’s leafier … Continue reading

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Mom’s Pottery Finds

The bad news? Yesterday’s fleamarket yielded nada on the pottery front. Oh sure, there was some, but none of it called out to me (and if the pottery isn’t hollering, I’m not buying. Or something similarly crazy.) The good news … Continue reading

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Nigel Slater’s Baked Onions with Parmesan & Cream

That’s right, guys. I slack off for the first 11 days of June, blog-wise at least, and then creep back with someone else’s recipe like nothing ever happened. My excuse is that a) a real-life change is time consuming at … Continue reading

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