Nigel Slater’s Baked Onions with Parmesan & Cream

That’s right, guys. I slack off for the first 11 days of June, blog-wise at least, and then creep back with someone else’s recipe like nothing ever happened. My excuse is that a) a real-life change is time consuming at the moment (and I’m still afraid of jinxing by spreading the news until everything is finalised, so bear with me) and b) this Nigel Slater recipe rocks the party that rocks the party. Nigel, if you happen to be reading this, feel free to adopt me any time. You cook, I’ll clean and drag things home you don’t need from the fleamarket. It’ll be great! Promise! Hope you’re not scared by this picture of monstrous onions; I guarantee they taste wonderful and can be prepared with things most of us (those of us who cook, at least) have on hand much of the time anyway. Here we go:

-onions 4 medium to large
-whipping or double cream* 300ml
-thyme (the leaves from 3 sprigs)
-grated Parmesan (a good handful)
-salt & pepper to taste

to serve: steamed (brown) rice for four

Instructions: Set the oven at 180C/gas mark 4. Peel the onions and bring to the boil in a large, deep pot of water. Leave at a bright simmer for about 25 minutes until tender. Lift them out with a draining spoon. Slice the onions in half from root to tip and put them cut side down in an ovenproof dish. Mix the cream and thyme leaves and tip over the onions. Season with salt, pepper and the grated Parmesan and bake for 25-35 minutes until golden and bubbling. Serves 2-3 with rice.

*a note on the cream: the first time I made this I used lowfat soy cream replacement and found the results fantastic and yummy. If you’re not down with the soy, a quick google search should provide alternatives for cream in recipes.

Nigel suggests serving this as a main with rice or as a side with cold roast beef. I can tell you right now that this became an instant favourite with us after I made it the first time. The onions end up being buttery soft and sweet, and the dish is easy to make, cheap, and filling.

In non-food news, we’re hoping the bizarro weather we’re having will allow us to go to the big fleamarket scheduled for tomorrow. Until then, happy Saturday and good luck with all your remaining Saturday shenanigans!

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