A Bit of Everything

Womble, thinking his thoughts.

Thanks so much everyone for all your good wishes on the house. The joy and excitement of it all are definitely overriding any nerves at having to organise a move (and bathroom renovation at the house) at short notice. I’m so looking forward to showing you everything and getting your input on things. The cats won’t be much help, that’s for sure, although they will enjoy watching birds from the windows instead of the constant stream of cars that constitutes their view here. There’s no Charlie Sheen-style winning going on in the pottery game for me at the moment; this Übelacker vase is the only thing I picked up this weekend and it has three chips along the base. The stylish (well, to me) glaze won out though and I think I may use it to display flowers on our garden terrace table once we’re in the house.

Ü-Keramik 1318/30

Last night we went out to dinner and drinks with friends; we ended up at a fun bar called Studio B. It’s all decked out in 1970s furniture and wallpaper, and they serve a variety of old-school German “Bowlen” (punches) along with the usual drinks. The crowd is mixed and the place is very relaxed; it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re ever in the area. Finally, I’ve been unreasonably desiring a pair of Swedish Hasbeens retro-style clogs, but not at the 100 EUR plus Swedish Hasbeens pricetag. The Swedes have been making clogs like this since before ABBA ever put on sparkly jumpsuits, so there must be other manufacturers with similar products out there with slightly less trendy pricing. If I find any I’ll update, just in case any of you are in the market for some clompy Scandi footwear too.

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