Birthdays & White Trash Fast Food

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We spent last weekend in Berlin to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Usually birthdays pass by quietly at our house with a slice of cake and a pat on the back (oh okay, and presents too), but this year we actually went out for dinner with friends to celebrate like real people. White Trash Fast Food is one of Berlin’s best-loved eateries that draws crowds of locals and tourists alike. The menu features American favourites like homemade burgers and fried chicken, but there’s plenty of fusiony fare as well. Check out their website for information on what kind of live music’s on if you’re ever in the area and in the mood for hipster watching, food and tunes. Oh, and you can apparently get tattooed in their new tattoo studio now too (perhaps that’s a pre-beer decision.)

After dinner we headed to another Berlin nightlife institution, Kaffee Burger. Kaffee Burger is a club decked out in vintage GDR retro living room style that hosts the still wildly popular “Russen Disko” (“Russian disco”) made famous by Russian Berlin-based author Wladimir Kaminer. Russian pop and club music is great fun, and so are the various Russians, Germans, and other international characters of all ages and backgrounds bopping along to the music. You could do worse than a night out like this, and you won’t feel out of place at either venue even if your twenties are but a distant memory.

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3 Responses to Birthdays & White Trash Fast Food

  1. Brismod says:

    The name of that restaurant is just hilarious! Best wishes to your husband too. xx

  2. Monica says:

    Wonder how many German’s actually know what “White Trash” means? I guess in Berlin they would though, in my town – not so many. Sounds like a good time.

  3. sevenstarsimages says:

    this really sounds like a fun weekend 🙂

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