Mom’s Pottery Haul 2

All my pottery seeking power seems to have been transferred to my mom of late. This is the grand total of this weekend’s fleamarketing for me:

Scheurich 271/22 with blue drip glaze

And here are some of the pottery items my mom has found for me in the last few weeks, carefully hauled back in baskets, boxes and bags in our little car from Berlin: 50s style as interpreted by Scheurich (the two vases on the right) and an unknown manufacturer on the left. More Scheurich goodness. I know a lot of collectors ignore the flat, mustard-coloured glazes, but those shapes and reliefs are adorable. And look! A matching pair in mustard and blue (one still sports the Scheurich “Europe Line” sticker) Little flower power daisies on a moss green and rust coloured base glaze… Scheurich 401/20 in bands of brown, green, cream, and baby blue… The Roth vase on the left is my 4th item with this particular glaze, and the Ruscha 333 jug on the right is my first. Strangely, the Ruscha piece has additional hand-carved markings on the base. A prototype? Test glaze? The following two I am not sure about… I’d guess the one on the left might be ES Keramik and the one on the right a Carstens, but in any case they are the first pots I have with chalky, crusty white glazes: Prefer some pop-art colour? Okay: Finally, a mammoth Bay Keramik vase exemplifying what Bay did so well in my opinion, combining traditional shapes with experimental colour and glaze combos: I can’t wait to test how this guy looks with a bouquet of flowers on the dining room table… Phew!

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2 Responses to Mom’s Pottery Haul 2

  1. Brismod says:

    OMG. I’m salivating. They are such fabulous finds. Your Mum must be pretty groovy to find such cool pottery! I love the shape and colour of the first image. xx

  2. lavalotti says:

    Haha, yes she’s got a very good eye and is getting into sourcing this stuff for me in a big way. She remembers a lot of this pottery from the 60s and 70s but didn’t collect it back then (with the exception of one Ruscha 313 jug that she gave to me last year.)

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