Weekend Fleamarket Finds & Trend Confirmations

This weekend was the first in about a month that I managed to find anything substantial on the pottery front worth making space on my bookshelves for. There’s a bit of a summer lull going on at the moment: many Germans are on holiday and the same old furniture dealers and purveyors of junk are trying to offload the same old garbage week in, week out. Thus, I was all the more happy to buy this lovely floor vase from its original owner on Sunday, a friendly lady in her 60s who was simply making a little space in her cupboards and updating her interior style. The base is marked 1782/45. The triple relief bands remind me of stained glass windows in cathedrals and that mossy green glaze is beautifully contrasted with an almost pumice-like white. I have much wilder colour combinations on many of my other vases, but I am inexplicably enamoured with this one and have elevated it to vase of the month status on our teak nesting tables. Livin’ on the edge, my friends, I’m living on the edge. The only other thing I picked up was this cute little yellow number which I am guessing is a Kreutz. Is cute, no? It looks like a happy little singed yellow gourd. While I may only have picked up two things on my treasure hunting expeditions this weekend, I did learn an interesting and mildly disturbing thing on Sunday: they’re onto us. German antiques and collectables dealers, that is. How do I know? Well, let’s just say I was floored by the West German pottery stall I found on Sunday run by a dealer who had photocopied articles from various magazines discussing how West-German pottery is the NEXT BIG THING so-why-not-buy-my-overpriced-chipped-brown-vases-with-cracks-running-down-the-middle?

Can you tell I wasn’t impressed with her wares? Nevertheless, she is the messenger of rising prices for even the most mediocre pottery in non-hipster meccas like Kassel, and I would like all of us to honour the occasion with a collective “Uh oh”. Or revel in the knowledge that our little collections are rising in value.

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3 Responses to Weekend Fleamarket Finds & Trend Confirmations

  1. littleowlski says:

    Love that yellow Kreutz! Just wondering – how are you finding WordPress at the moment? My posts have been rubbish recently because pictures won’t work properly. Really starting to get on my nerves 😦

  2. lavalotti says:

    Mine has been normal, although sometimes my posts have been taking longer to load than usual. Uh oh 😦 Is there such a thing as exceeding picture capacity per post?

  3. Fat Cat says:

    Love your finds !
    Hmm, I tried the whole WGP is the next-big-thing argument when I sold one of my vases on ebay last month. But the buyers didn’t seem too impressed with it. The vase went for a ‘roaring’ 1.50 eur…
    But I know what you mean. Sadly, sellers everywhere seem to be much more aware that WGP is now collectable.

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