109 & Collections within Collections

109 is the number of pottery items that need to be moved into our new house by the 1st of September. The gorgeous Jasba vase on the far right in the above image is number 108, found at the fleamarket yesterday. Whenever I spot a vase from this particular Jasba line (decor name unknown to me, but instantly recognizable for obvious reasons), I make a beeline for it. These pieces are all handpainted and both cheerful and minimalistic at the same time, little spreaders of happy zen. At least that’s what I tell myself. This bud vase is number 109 in my collection, although not for long. My mom’s ikebana skills are far superior to mine (let’s face it, I have none) so it will be making the journey to Berlin at some point soon. I have no idea about the manufacturer of this item; the base is unglazed red clay and there is a number engraved on it (very difficult to read, even more difficult to photograph.)

And just how will we move 109 West-German pots from one place to the next? Carefully, and in several trips, that’s for sure. After the initial denial of the total number wore off (it doesn’t seem like that many as they disperse very effectively and sneakily on our many bookshelves), we decided not to spend ridiculous amounts of time bubble wrapping things and obsessing about clumsy movers, but simply opted to cart them over little by little in the month between handover and moving date. Happy Sunday!

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One Response to 109 & Collections within Collections

  1. littleowlski says:

    I’ve not seen that glaze before, but it looks gorgeous all together like that. Very 1950s! Love it. Good finds as per usual ­čÖé

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