The Garden

Three days after my last post, we finally got the keys to our house. The handover proceeded without any major dramas and we have spent every spare moment taking care of the roughly 10654 things that ideally need doing before we move in on the 29th. We’re getting various contractors to give us quotes on our bathroom remodel, have an electrician coming tomorrow, satellite tv guy on Wednesday (yay!), the locksmith when his royal locksmithing self actually confirms an appointment, and telephone/internet people on, oh, I can’t even remember. Yesterday was devoted to scrubbing down the kitchen (me) and taming the overgrown garden, at least a bit (my husband.) The above picture is the side of our house. Can’t see it? That’s because it’s currently so overgrown that you actually can not walk from the back of the property to the front alongside it. Here you can see most of the front garden, the bigger part of the property. Future projects will include figuring out what kind of hedge or other view-shielding plant border to choose for the side that faces the cul-de-sac. I was originally picturing bamboo, but have been put off by tales of monstrous root systems that make things difficult for everyone. Any ideas? This is the terrace out back, just off the living room. Needs a bit of water blasting. The terrace is raised; to the left you can see the sloping flower bed that reaches down to the tiny patch of garden in the back of the house. This part has been quite lovingly planted, so aside from trimming back some of those monstrous hedges, I think we will simply maintain what’s back here for now. At some point I would like to replace the humdrum steps leading down to the garden with more rough-hewn, slab-like steps more in line with what’s happening in the flowerbed. All in good time!

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4 Responses to The Garden

  1. Anonymous says:

    How exciting for you both!! You must keep us updated with photos as you transform your home!! I will miss the wonderful updates on your little apartment. It was so cute. Have fun with your plans!!

  2. Corry says:

    It looks so charming. I love the variety in the colour and texture of the foliage. Over the next year you may have lots of surprises as unknown treasures appear especially next spring. Happy gardening.

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