Kitchen (before)

The kitchen in our house is still in its original state. Aside from painting over the “cheerful” yellow on the walls (it looks more like a shade you paint a kindergarden play room to me), we will eventually be updating the kitchen cabinets and configuring things to make maximum use of what is a small space.

To the right you can see what I consider to be a pretty charming and nifty period detail of the house, an entire wall of built in storage cupboards that can be accessed from inside the kitchen or the dining area in the living room… See that recessed space above? It can be used to pass serving dishes through to the dining space. This is what the cupboard wall looks like from the living room: The silver handles are not original to the construction and will be removed (there are hidden, recessed grips on the cupboard doors so the whole thing simply looks like panelling). The cabinet was not originally painted white, but depending on the condition of the wood below the surface, I may leave as is. The plan is to live with the current kitchen setup for at least a year (the bathroom remodel is the more important project at the moment), so any changes I make to it will be minor cosmetic ones for now. This is the view out the kitchen window, snapped in the 5 minutes in which it was not pouring with rain. Happy Sunday!

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4 Responses to Kitchen (before)

  1. Fat Cat says:

    The 50s cupboard wall is awesome ! I still wish I had kept mine…
    I highly recommend taking your time to carefully consider a new kitchen set-up. I SOOOO regret redoing my kitchen in a haste when I first moved in. Now I’m annoyed with it every day: the layout sucks, no more lovely vintage cupboards, the floor is horrible, and worst of all, I spent an indecent amount of money on the whole thing and can’t possibly justify ripping it all out and starting over…

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks for your advice, I think you’re right about waiting and considering all changes carefully. Plus, we’re currently reeling at prices for our bathroom renovation, so we’ll have to wait anyway, ha!

  2. Monica says:

    The 50’s style cupboard is cool. I have never seen one in a German home. Only in American military housing, takes me back. Definitely take your time with the kitchen.

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks Monica, it’s certainly convenient in terms of how much storage space it offers. This is the third one I have seen in 1960s houses around our area.

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