The countdown to moving day has begun and a mild sense of panic about what is left to be done has set in. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been busy. Every contractor in the city seems to have checked out our bathroom and is in the process of drawing up a quote for the remodel as I type this, we have been shlepping things over to the house on a daily basis, and some boxes have been packed. In lieu of more exciting information, here are a few hastily snapped pics of the entryway of our house: The stone tiling is original to the house; the tiles themselves are made of a type of stone that is one of Germany’s oldest natural building materials, having been used in constructions by the ancient Romans, to build churches in the Middle Ages, and in normal dwellings all over Germany well into the 1970s: Solnhofener Naturstein. It’s apparently regaining popularity with both local architects and abroad, as it is a very resilient stone with an interesting patina. Ours is staying, in any case. Straight ahead: a glimpse of the living room. To the right: The staircase that leads to the upstairs bedrooms The original wooden steps and banister were recently refinished by the previous owner, so thankfully no work for me on this front. To the left: the door to the kitchen and a wood-panelled wall that includes a few hidden built-in cupboards, heater, and nook for hats and keys and other hallway stuff. The wood looks a lot like teak to me but I’m not certain, in any case I will be patching up a few holes left over by some previous moron’s drilling adventures (!) and giving it all a good clean with Murphy’s Oil Soap. I’m so grateful that nobody ever tried to paint this panelling white. There’s something to be said for maintaining a house’s period integrity as much as possible, especially if it adds a bit of character in such a much-used bit of the house.

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