Sunday Fleamarket Finds

Reported on a Tuesday? That’s how I’m rolling in the week pre-move. We nearly axed Sunday’s fleamarket trip on account of (surprise) the rain, but decided to go for it anyway to pre-emptively reward ourselves for an afternoon of painting. My rewards were two Scheurich floor vases in great condition. These two were whisked straight to the house, no time to clean the dust off them or do anything other than snap a few hasty pics. My husband fell for the deep blue drip glaze on this one. It still carries the “Scheurich Europ Line” sticker and will look great once it has been cleaned (the marks around the base are dirt…) I know that with a company as prolific as Scheurich, speaking of rare shapes may be somewhat nonsensical, but this is my first Scheurich piece that isn’t in the typical cylindrical, rounded form they seem to have churned out so many of. How’s the fleamarket/yard sale/car boot sale season progressing in your part of the world?

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