Back in Black (Feature Wall Sneak Peek)

Everything. Is. Finally. Under. Control. The only space in the house still full of boxes is the basement, and the only people to ever go down there are guests who must be punished for behaving badly over dinner, right? Yeah. I have so much to catch up on blog-wise that I’m going to start off gently, with paint updates. Y’all don’t have to tell me that I’m late to the party regarding black wall trends,  but this does not diminish my long-held desire to wield a paint brush dipped in moody hues. I had yet to see black feature walls I didn’t like on any of my favourite blogs, and the trend is still raging in some of my favourite recent interiors publications. What did we have to lose? Whims like this can be given into when you own rather than rent. Oh, and I also have a cooperative partner. Here he is masking the edges of our livingroom feature wall: If you’re using paint as dark as, um, black, you’re not going to want to do a rushed job of this part whilst talking on the phone or balancing a glass of wine or something, because the contrast will look starkly crap. Unless you’re a reader residing in Germany, you probably don’t care which brand of paint or colour we used, but in case you do: it was Alpina’s “Graue Eminenz” from Tim Mälzer’s line. What a celebrity chef is doing hawking paint I’ll never understand, but there you go. If you’re painting a dark colour it really is worth shelling out for a good brand that covers well; black is tricky in that it shows up imperfections in a paint job in a very unforgiving way. Where would we be without feline assistants? Nowhere, clearly. Aside from desperately wanting to try out this particular paint trend, I had two further reasons for giving black paint a go–in order to provide a more somber contrast to all the crazy-hued pottery I have acquired over the last two years, and to provide an elegant backdrop for a special piece of furniture that made the journey all the way from Berlin for me. All will be revealed tomorrow after I take photos in the morning light. Thanks for checking back in after my hiatus!

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4 Responses to Back in Black (Feature Wall Sneak Peek)

  1. Brismod says:

    Oh I love it! And your pottery is just going to sing against that black wall. xx

  2. Monica says:

    Nice! Really nice! Looking forward to the chair reveal. You know every time I see a piece of vintage pottery I think of you. Every time I go into the Oxfam store there are at least 3 or 4 pieces. I have been tempted, but haven’t bought any yet…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice job. Daring colour!! I am also painting but in halls, foyers, stairwells and cathedral ceiling. I have chosen something more neutral but not faded. It is called highlights. Looks great so far. Have fun!

  4. lavalotti says:

    @Brismod: thanks! xx
    @Monica: aw, that’s really cool! I would say buy if the price suits and you really like the pottery, otherwise definitely leave it there–there is so much of it out here in Germany that you can be picky. I wish we had an Oxfam close by, I used to find wonderful things in our local one when I lived in England.
    @Anonymous: Thank you! We really need to paint our stairwell and the rest of the living room too, but I have a horrible feeling we won’t get down to that until spring…

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