Mid Century Modern Teak Shelving Unit

Here is the result of all that painting: our completed black feature wall as backdrop to the piece of furniture I was anxiously awaiting, my maternal grandparents’ original mid-century teak shelving unit, very much reminiscent of Poul Cadovius designs from the same period and manufactured in Norway (as per the stamp on the back of the piece.)

This shelving unit was purchased by my grandparents in Frankfurt in the early 1960s and ended up spending around 40 years in their home in Berlin. I have many memories of it being used (my grandmother stored table linens in the drawers) and am now looking forward to putting it to loving use in our home.  The silver tea set is also my maternal grandparents’. The book and pottery arrangements are in no way finalised , but I like the way the colours in the vases play off the colours in the artwork. Aside from the obvious sentimental associations and joy at owning such a wonderfully crafted vintage piece of furniture, this puppy also provides storage we have been in desperate need of in the past. I can already see myself obsessing over the arrangement of objects here forever after, but that’s what enormous pottery collections are for, right? Many thanks again to my parents for gifting it to me, and both my parents and my husband for lugging it all the way from Berlin to me in a van.

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6 Responses to Mid Century Modern Teak Shelving Unit

  1. Monica says:

    Oh!!!! What a truly wonderful piece and the memories make it all the more special. It is perfect for the wall. I thought chair for some reason… Guess I still have your Wegner on the brain.

  2. Brismod says:

    It looks great and what great memories it must have for you. xx

  3. This is absolutely marvellous! Its truly great to see these pieces all used to perfection…I love the wall unit….congratulations…! It is truly a success…the wall shade is a wonderful backdrop and the selection of pieces is classic…you’ll have so much fun…changing it and looking at your collection on that wall piece too….

  4. Corry says:

    Wow Charlotte. I can see why you are so excited. It looks fantastic. It was just made for the parquet floor I think. I love the way you have arranged your treasures on it. Look forward to seeing more in due course.

  5. lavalotti says:

    Thanks so much everyone! Monica, we’re hoping that the Wegner chair will be our Christmas project. I can’t wait for it to be recovered because it is so completely tattered at the moment.

  6. littleowlski says:

    That looks fabulous, the black wall really makes the unit and pots stand out. Love the unit! Emma

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