Dining Space

Slowly but surely, furniture is finding its placement, art is being hung (something I have always found tricky and something that is best not rushed), and rooms are developing their new personalities with our old stuff as a foil. This is the dining nook, just to the right side of the living room door (to the left is the teak shelving system from the previous post.) The scale of our furniture suits the house very well, I think (unsurprising as both are roughly from the same design era.) In the future we’d like to switch out the light switch fixtures (80s goodness) for something a bit less in-your-face, but that’s not even close to being a priority right now. What we will be tackling soon is lowering our pendant lamp over the dining table. It is height adjustable, and currently seems to be set at “in-your-eyes-interrogation-glare”. All in good time. In other news, our bathroom is being remodelled at the moment. Here’s hoping that the upcoming “after” pics are better than the “before”!

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One Response to Dining Space

  1. elisandraillustration says:

    Hi Lotti,
    this is really beautiful, your new home ­čÖé

    I must inform you that I changed my Blog name into http://elisandraillustration.wordpress.com, was not such a great idea maybe, but I still hope you will drop by ­čÖé

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