Bathroom Renovation: Day Three

Mmmm, our house is still filled with dust, rubble… …and nothing graces a lawn more than torn out bathroom bits. There is no glamour to this part of proceedings. This is what things look like on the morning of the fourth day of work; the builders seem confident they’ll be done “Monday or Tuesday”. If they say so… Our shower is almost ready ! Oh please, who am I kidding? Thank God we’re both gym members and don’t need to suffer through a week of washing in the sink or shelling out for the B&B down the road. Still, something vaguely exciting happened yesterday – the first wall tiles went up. Initially, I nearly passed out because they looked so much larger than I remembered. I think it was just the shock of actually seeing it all come together after the long selection process. My initial idea for the wall tiles was to go with white metro tiles. I love white metro tiles. They strike that perfect balance between industrial and classic. Imagine my surprise when white metro tiles, arguably one of the biggest trends for both bathroom and kitchen walls at the moment, were incredibly difficult to source in Germany, and when found were significantly more expensive than bigger tiles of a similar style. Something to do with the baking process being fussier or longer or something, apparently, but the bottom line was: I wanted German-made tiles and did not want to import metro tiles from the UK or elsewhere. These tiles are white, glossy, and even more industrial looking than the metros I originally wanted. Let’s hope they’re as hard-wearing as they look! Just in case you’re interested, these tiles measure 250 x 500 mm. Give me strength for day four!

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