Bathroom Renovation: Completion

Right. A week ago yesterday the majority of work on the bathroom had been completed, but it wasn’t until Friday that the heated towel rail and mirror, the final components, were installed. New bathroom in a week? If you live in a different space/time continuum. Forgive me for bombarding you with images in this post, but hey. It’s been a long road. From this:

…this…. …and this (previous house owner’s shower gel generously included) To this: The little bit of flat pack you can see peeking around the corner of the shower wall is our new, as yet unassembled bathroom cupboard. The ledge above the toilet is tiled the same as the window ledge: with the slate-coloured floor tile. Our sink, one of my favourite components of the whole renovation, is Duravit’s Vero. The sink was repositioned from the opposite side of the bathroom to this wall, leaving us storage space between shower and tub and making it possible to instal a larger heated towel rail. I was originally going to save a bit of cash by getting a nondescript mirror from IKEA, but was persuaded to splurge a bit and get one with efficient lighting properties. I’m glad I did; this saves on additional lamps and really does give great light (through the frosted glass lines on the sides.) Just like the original tub, the new one also has a tiled-in surround. My restyled IKEA Frosta stool is a catch-all here for the moment and the bamboo bath mat is a recent TK Maxx score (TJ Maxx to those of you in the States.) Other bloggers will understand the humbling experience of crawling around on the bathroom floor on a Sunday morning to give an accurate, from-the-ground-up visual impression of a new shower stall… You never see shampoo bottles in House Beautiful, but we’re keeping it extremely real over here. The little hanging organiser in the corner is held in place with the mother of all suction cup constructions, the pressure of which can be adjusted with dial fixtures. We were loathe to buy too many things that had to be drilled into our new tile. So far it’s holding up well (ours is by Everloc and was found reasonably priced at a home improvement store.) The safety glass doors in the shower can be swung in and outward. You can see how tight the space is in our little bathroom; the shower is right next to the door. Excuse the many variations on, um, a theme, but capturing a reasonable image in such a small space proved tricky.

Our impressions so far: the choice of tile makes what is a tiny space feel bigger and lighter, we still love the style of the various bits and bobs we ended up choosing in the leadup to the remodel, we’re glad the grotty 70s shower and sink are history and having a heated towel rail is as close to bathroom luxury as we need. Next on the list? Crazy colourful towels to offset the black and white colour scheme in here. Happy Sunday!

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5 Responses to Bathroom Renovation: Completion

  1. Brismod says:

    Wow! Love. It. All. I have bathroom envy. Those large tiles are fantastic. Every choice you made was a winner. You must be thrilled to have it finished!

  2. Ariana says:

    Boy, what a big project, and what a great feeling to have it done! It looks great, much more streamlined and open. And, it looks like it will be really easy to clean– a big deal, in my book! Looking forward to seeing the finishing touches. 🙂

  3. Looks amazing!! Love all the new fixtures. That’s one gorgeous sink!!

    • lavalotti says:

      Dan–thanks so much! I’m a huge fan of Manhattan Nest.

      Ariana–The tiles, sink, and bathtub have proven very easy to clean, I’m not so sure about gradual grime buildup in the shower door joints.

      Brismod–many thanks, we’re happy with it (and even more happy that the actual remodel is now over, haha!)

  4. Fat Cat says:

    Even though my heart beats for turquoise vintage tiles, I’m even more partial to black and white bathrooms 🙂 Your remodel looks so wonderful. I love the simple, clean look. And nothing beats a square sink. Very classy !

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