Bathroom Storage

Having finally completed our bathroom remodel, we set about finding somewhere to store the various lotions and potions that make us fit for human interaction every day. Can I just say that it is very difficult to find tasteful, practical bathroom storage options? Well, it is. Even if you’re prepared to spend a bit more. It’s even more difficult if your bathroom is the size of, well, a bath mat.

My number one dream option, now and forever, is a Bauhaus style, vintage (or antique) medicine cupboard designed for a real doctor’s practice, perhaps one from the 30s or 40s. These tend to be made of heavy-duty steel and glass, are intelligently and efficiently designed, and are highly sought after. They often go for over a thousand Euros at auctions (even ebay), depending on age, condition, and manufacturer (the German manufacturer Mauser is very sought after, for example, as is the company Baisch.) There’s no denying it, these things are wonderful. If you’d like to source one in Germany, search for “Arztschrank” (“doctor’s cabinet”.)


Make no mistake, if I ever find one of these sitting in some salvage yard or vintage furniture warehouse, I will fight you for it. Aside from the usually hefty price for these beauties, the only other obstacle is that they tend to be a smidgen too wide for the space they would have to fit in in our bathroom. Another, somewhat less heavy option I was considering was a square Componibili unit with wheels:

We’re both very happy with our little Componibili units (currently used as bedside tables), and I additionally like the fact that the cupboard could have been used elsewhere in the house should we have tired of it in the bathroom. The combination of units and height we wanted would have cost just under 400 EUR though, and we currently are prioritising other purchases. Like the rescue mission for our Wegner Papa Bear armchair (hopefully on for December, woohoo!) You know where this is going, right? That’s right, IKEA to the rescue. We opted for the LILLANGEN cupboard, which features a steel base/legs along with a glass door in an aluminium frame. That alone places it in the pricier range of IKEA bathroom cabinets (124 EUR), but it’s still a great deal compared to similar storage furniture we saw in other shops made of the same materials. It also fits into the tiny nook it needs to go into between the bathtub and shower. You actually can’t even see it when you enter the bathroom unless you peek behind the corner. Another (admittedly nerdy) benefit is that its style echoes the lines in our mirror over the sink directly opposite… It comfortably holds all our bath products and other cosmetics and will hopefully hold up well until the day when I finally pounce on the vintage steel cabinet of my dreams.

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