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West-German Pottery Advent Wreath

You heard right, such a thing does exist, and it seems to have been manufactured into at least the late 1970s by Ruscha. Most German households count down to Christmas with an advent wreath, traditionally something like this: I had … Continue reading

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Fruit Bowl

Life’s pretty rock and roll when you actually share a new fruit bowl acquisition, but it’s so red and pretty! I have been mulling over whether or not to allow this particular  item into my life for over a year … Continue reading

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Fabric Swatch Update: Decision Time

Many thanks to everyone who gave their input in the comments section of my last post. I have spent the last few days nearly reduced to quiet whimpering, rocking-back and-forth-in-a-corner-madness over this decision. The lines of the chair are such … Continue reading

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Wegner Armchair Reupholstery: Fabric Swatches

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while will know that I am lucky enough to own an original Hans Wegner “Papa Bear” armchair which belonged to my grandparents. In the nearly 50 years that this … Continue reading

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Living Room Plans: Wood Burning Stove

It’s been a pretty underwhelming last couple of weeks at our place: both my husband and I have managed to catch the most tenacious colds laced with a smattering of bronchitis and have been feeling very sorry for ourselves. This … Continue reading

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I’ll occasionally wear a bright pink scarf or lipstick, but currently I don’t think there’s a single pink item in our home. More’s the pity, looking at these amazing images from a home recently featured on Freunde von Freunden. I … Continue reading

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Piep Show

Apologies to any good gentlemen whose Google search led them here in the hopes of finding a different kind of “peep show”: there’ll be no pictures of sexy-time here today, thanks very much, we’ll be discussing my new snazzy birdhouse. … Continue reading

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