Piep Show

Apologies to any good gentlemen whose Google search led them here in the hopes of finding a different kind of “peep show”: there’ll be no pictures of sexy-time here today, thanks very much, we’ll be discussing my new snazzy birdhouse. But don’t  you love the German manufacturer’s sense of humour? If you hadn’t guessed, “piep” is the sound German birds make. Birds are very particular about their spelling from one country to the next, don’t you know, and they’re not above punning.Our proximity to the forest means we get many wonderful birds congregating in our garden at all times, so naturally it was time to start installing birdie buffets. I thought this one was pretty practical: it’s held in place with suction cups and can thus go on windows without the need for tree branches, poles, or any other palaver. All our downstairs windows have motorised blinds, so I popped this thing onto one of our bedroom windows. I have ornithological dreams of watching the dear little birdies happily munching away as I sit in bed on a Sunday morning reading the paper and sipping my coffee. We’ll politely nod at each other and go on doing our thing, me and the birds. So far not a single one of the suspicious little buggers has landed on it, but give it time. At some point or another, everyone needs a snack.

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