I’ll occasionally wear a bright pink scarf or lipstick, but currently I don’t think there’s a single pink item in our home. More’s the pity, looking at these amazing images from a home recently featured on Freunde von Freunden.

I love how this comes off as neither tacky nor girlish, this pink is fierce! I have absolutely nowhere to paint a wall fluoro pink at the moment, but I sure am tempted. Maybe I’ll start small, like so:

What do you think about the pink?

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7 Responses to Pink

  1. My bedroom is shocking pink including the ceiling and the curtains are acid green….it’s not pop art at all, but pre-war looking as everything in the room is exotic wood furniture and alsoelements of hunter green,…it’s very relaxing….

    • lavalotti says:

      Oh that sounds fabulous! I think the contrast of the bright pink with those rich, exotic wood hues like teak and rosewood really makes the look. I think this is definitely on my list of things to try around our home in the future.

      • Yes, it’s very rich and relaxing….my friends when I told them I did this, thought it would be loud and not “feng shui” (as if I cared) but in truth it is very relaxing. The odor of wax for the woods and the perfumer diffuser of tuberose and other oils makes it a super sensual envirnoment….I sleep really well in this room…it’s filled up, almost too much, with art works as well, but all my favourite pieces…its like my haven. Pink is the way to go….

  2. littleowlski says:

    I actually don’t mind pink, but that’s too much for me! Waaaayyy too bright!

  3. lavalotti says:

    It almost glows, haha!

    • I always had pink rooms and I guess it depends on your nautre,…each person i think has there own colours and special ones….shocking pink is one of mine….I can live with it, others hate it…and call it, inappropriately, “Barbie Pink”…. it’s actually a peruvian pink which Schiaparelli made famous….

      • lavalotti says:

        An Indian lady once told me that in India this vibrant pink colour is considered good luck and thus used in many silk fabrics for saris and so on. Definitely life affirming!

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