Wegner Armchair Reupholstery: Fabric Swatches

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while will know that I am lucky enough to own an original Hans Wegner “Papa Bear” armchair which belonged to my grandparents. In the nearly 50 years that this chair has been in the family, it has been reupholstered several times, most recently either in the late 80s or very early 90s in a flowery fabric that has seen better days. Much better days: I was adamant that the chair had to be done justice and reupholstered in fabric from the original Danish fabric manufacturer, Kvadrat. Kvadrat makes beautiful, beautiful fabrics perfectly suited to mid-century modern furniture, indeed they supplied much of the fabric that this furniture was originally upholstered in. Their upholstery fabrics are heavy-duty wool blends in colour selections that feature both period-appropriate choices as well as current colour trends.

Now the time has finally come for my chair to be rescued from its current state: fabric selection time. After obsessing over the swatches on Kvadrat’s website, talking to our upholsterer, and doing a bit of research, I have decided to go with a fabric from the Tonus 3 range. Tonus 3 features fabrics in a 90% wool 10% Helanca blend for ultimate durability in colours designed by Nina Koppel. Tonus 3 is a more solid-coloured fabric than the also wonderful and period appropriate Hallingdal fabric range from the same manufacturer, which has a more tweed-like finish.

Out of the many, many gorgeous colours, I have currently narrowed the selection down to the following (each fabric swatch can be found on the website as well):

# 635

# 636


# 634

# 625

# 622

Originally, the chair was upholstered in a charcoal grey. While this would no doubt look stunning once again and match, well, everything and anything, I am very drawn to the beautifully vibrant colours in the range and would like the chair to be a visual focus against the rich teak furniture and black elements in the room (feature wall, dining room chairs, dark brown leather sofa.) So many choices! Which colour are you partial to?

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10 Responses to Wegner Armchair Reupholstery: Fabric Swatches

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love them all but would choose 635 myself. Cant wait to see it when it is done.

  2. Brismod says:

    I like the 640. Is it an aubergine colour?
    Your chair is going to look a million dollars once it is recovered no matter what choice you make. I can’t wait to see the final results. xx

  3. lavalotti says:

    Yup, the 640 is a dark aubergine. That and the 635 are the current top favourites at the moment, but choosing a fabric that we’re going to have to live with for the next 10+ years is scary…

  4. 640 or 622! Lovely, lovely colours (although I am partial to a lovely charcoal colour with bright cushions).
    How lucky you are to have such a wonderful chair!

  5. me mum says:

    640 would be me mum’s choice


  6. Corry says:

    What beautiful colours! Of course any choice is very personal but my picks are 622 and 636.I think they would look good against the backdrop of the dark wall. One tip before you decide. Check with the supplier that they are colour fast in case of any spills. I’m sure with that quality they will be but it’s worth asking.

  7. Fat Cat says:

    622 or 625. Anyway anything would be better than that floral fabric, no offence to your folks 🙂

  8. littleowlski says:

    622 for me, I think that would look fab! Very jealous, I’d like something like this for our new house!

  9. lavalotti says:

    Thanks for all the answers so far, looks like the only one not to receive any love is 634 🙂

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