This is my parents’ Christmas tree this year. Many years 0f collecting Christmas decorations means that there’s always a visual feast of a tree at their house, whereas we’re at the beginning of our little collection. And our tree? Still haven’t bought it yet in the hope that it will stay fresher for longer if we hold out a bit…probably in vain.

One of my decoration themes this year will be toadstools. No, really, they’re cute… …updates will follow. Have you set up your tree yet?

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4 Responses to Tree

  1. Ariana says:

    I really love those little mushroom ornaments– very German! It was really nice putting ornaments on our tree this year from the USA, Germany and England. It sums of our last couple of years nicely!

  2. littleowlski says:

    Ours is getting put up this weekend. We never really think about a style for it – all of the baubles just get piled on! Usually looks alright though. There’s so many different ones that have been bought for different reasons… Your parents’ tree looks lovely! Emma

  3. Joe says:

    I bought loads of beautiful glass baubles in the paper chase sale a few years ago but now I have kids they stay in the box! I tried putting them up high but my daughter pulled the tree down on top of herself a couple of years ago and now my youngest is crawling. Our tree is kid friendly and decorated by my daughter (yes christmas is for kids……..but I always hanker after the type of tree you see in livingetc magazine). Ours will hopefully go up this weekend if I ever finish decorating the living room.

  4. lavalotti says:

    Ariana–I wish I had started collecting ornaments in England when I was still living there as a student; it’s so cool to have decorations from different parts of the world!

    Emma–thanks! We don’t really do proper themes either, although maybe that would be fun to try out one year.

    Joe–no kids here yet and our tree still never manages to look like a Livingetc tree, haha!

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