Ebay Score

One of the upsides to the gloomy darkness of the winter months is that it provides an excuse to collect pretty candle holders. In my opinion the Swedes really know how to rock a stylish votive, so as soon as I found out that my beloved Kosta Boda snowball came in two more sizes, I was on the hunt for a complete vintage set. For over a year. Behold! The hunt is over. Ebay provideth. Ann Warff designed these in 1973 and they have been in production ever since. I like that they look great lit and unlit and don’t have that overt Christmas decoration appearance. Speaking of Christmas, can you believe it’s only 10 days away? We’re hosting Christmas for the first time ever this year (and for the first time ever in our first ever house) so let’s just say that preparations have been in full swing for a while. What are your Christmas plans this year?

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7 Responses to Ebay Score

  1. Monica says:

    Nice! Like globes of ice. Christmas Eve we are having the family over and we are hoping to have a quiet day on the 25th. Best of luck with your celebration!

  2. Joe says:

    They look lovely.
    We are also hosting our first Christmas for the family in our first house. We are awaiting the delivery of an oven, if that turns up things should hopefully go smoothly, don’t fancy attempting a microwave Christmas dinner!

  3. Brismod says:

    Love them. I’m a big fan of all candle holders as you know. I didn’t realise they were that old to be honest…the year of my birth!! xx

  4. lavalotti says:


    Joe–fingers crossed your oven arrives on time! Ours is thankfully in place, although one of the oven racks appears to be missing. Hm.

    Brismod–thanks, I was born in 77 so not far behind you 🙂

  5. Fat Cat says:

    The candleholders are wonderful ! One more item to add to my wish list 😉
    First ever family Christmas in your new home – how exceiting !
    I’m still hoping to have my family over on the 25th or the 26th – that is, if I managed to get all the bedroom mess out of the living room and back where it belongs (which implies finishing painting the bedroom first and finally buying – and assembling – some Ikea Pax wardrobes…). Still a lot of work to do.

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks, Fat Cat! Check ebay regularly if you want the snowballs at a better price. I spent 22 EUR on my set of three, and originally paid 15 EUR for a single one retail a year ago. Good luck with your furniture haul and PAX setup. We have PAX wardrobes and couldn’t face assembling them ourselves at the time, so paid IKEA to do it. They were actually very fast and efficient at it.

  6. littleowlski says:

    My word, those are beautiful! I wish I had some of those for our Christmas decorations. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Emma x

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