Pottery Pairs

The post-holiday season has been very busy for us, but we’re starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel now. With temperatures finally dipping into the icy cold range over here, fleamarkets are a while off yet, but some pottery additions have nevertheless found their way into our home… The huge, textured grey Carstens floor vase was one of my larger pottery finds when I first started collecting; my husband discovered its smaller twin at a fleamarket in autumn. Similarly, the large green and brown drip glaze Jasba vase had lived with us in two homes already when my mom found a matching piece in a charity shop in Berlin recently. There’s something visually pleasing about displaying glaze pairs in a collection of pottery that is often overwhelming in its variety.

In other news, our Wegner armchair has been at the reupholsterer’s for nearly two weeks and is due to arrive back home any day now, freshly upholstered and ready for a new era of armchair reign in our home…updates to follow.

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3 Responses to Pottery Pairs

  1. Monica says:

    Cool, you must be so excited to get it back. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

  2. Fat Cat says:

    I love those Carstens vases. Definitely one of my favourite pattern ! I missed a red one on ebay not long ago; it ended up going for nearly 40 gbp… Crazy!
    Uh, and can’t wait to see the new upholstered !!!

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