Roberts Radio

Perhaps the only (scratch that, the only) thing I have in common with Queen Elizabeth is that we both own a Roberts Radio, although I’m not sure hers is as awesome a colour as mine (duck egg blue, homeys!) I had been wanting one of these for a very long time as it’s one of the few digital radios available at the moment that fits with a vintage furniture sensibility (especially if you like 50s style) without sacrificing digital technology. Oh, and the Roberts radio is 80 years old. While I miss all the great radio programmes I was introduced to during my student years in the UK, I still feel like the start to my day isn’t complete without listening to the local news as I get ready (let’s hear it for hr-iNFO.) Christmas prezzies don’t get any better than this! While taking pictures for this post (laundry basket and chocolate packets hidden well out of sight) I realised that we really need to sort out some kind of bedroom curtain solution in here. I was going to channel my inner Scandi minimalist and do without (we have electric blinds) but something just feels off. I’d like whatever curtains go up to not compete with the view of the trees and the sky outside but still add a bit of balance to the room. Oh, and distract from the radiators and wall sockets. The most cost effective solution would be to reuse our old living room curtains (from the IKEA Stockholm line, although these particular ones have been discontinued):  I still like the curtains, the colours should work with the shades of blue on the wall and the artwork we have up in the bedroom now, but I’m concerned that the chunky graphic stripes will overwhelm the small room with its lower ceiling height. Hm.

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2 Responses to Roberts Radio

  1. Patient husband says:

    I know of something else you have in common with the Queen: Barbour!

    BTW: Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

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