Re-grouting the Kitchen Tiles

While the kitchen cabinets in our 1965-build German townhouse were updated at some point in the late 80s (maybe even very early 90s), the tiles are original to the house. This wouldn’t be a bad thing as they aren’t shockingly ugly or anything, but where two tiles broke at some point no effort was made to find replacements (instead some particle board type covering was installed…) and the grouting between tiles was never freshened up. Ever. Years of cooking grease buildup had rendered the grout a fetching shade of dirt. It bothered me every time I walked into the kitchen. “I know!” I thought to myself, “I’ll re-grout the kitchen this Saturday. The kitchen’s tiny, how long can it possibly take…a couple of hours?” Ha! Hahahahahahaha! It took most of last weekend, including an afternoon of doing touch-ups on Wednesday. Turns out 46-year-old grout has a pretty tough surface that new grout has trouble sticking to on the first, second, third tries. Here’s what I worked with: “Frische Fuge” translates as “fresh grout”. As you can see, it comes in a tube along with a completely unspectacular sponge. You squeeze the paste over the old grout, allow it to dry for 30 minutes (let it dry longer than that, trust me) and then remove the excess with a damp sponge, using circular or diagonal movements (as modelled by my husband’s man hand:) The whole process makes a pretty annoying mess, and if you’re really lucky, you have to do the whole thing several times because bits of the new grout keep coming off during the above step. Was it worth it? You be the judge. I think it looks a bit cleaner, certainly lighter. Should any of my German readers want to put themselves through similar fun with their old kitchen grout, the shade of Cerasit product I used is a light grey called “Manhattan”. Happy Friday, everyone!

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One Response to Re-grouting the Kitchen Tiles

  1. Fat Cat says:

    Nice work on the grout (I think I should try the same with my 50s bathroom tiles…), but my attention was mostly captured by that AMAZING wall plaque !!! Wow, what a stunner ! I’m sooooo jealous 🙂

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