Sunday Fleamarket Finds

Hoorah! Fleamarket season has tentatively begun in overcast, chilly Kassel. Let me begin by working through a (small) backlog of West-German pottery finds first though: I picked up this deep blue Bay Keramik vase last weekend for 50 cents. Don’t be fooled by my photo though, it’s actually quite small (14 cm.) A recent trip to Berlin yielded this Scheurich find… I well and truly regret having ignored the all-white West-German pottery glazes in my time of collecting because I now find them incredibly stylish and current-looking. I remember in particular a pristine set of pure white Scheurich floor vases I passed up at a fleamarket last spring only to find identical ones gracing a featured California living room in Germany’s interiors magazine Schöner Wohnen one month later. Argh! I’m making up for lost time now. Here’s the loot I came home with today: You’ll have spotted the second white Scheurich beauty in a jug shape……it looks very much at home chilling with its buddy on our living room windowsill, or anywhere, really. I think these white glazes would be the perfect acquisition for somebody interested in integrating West-German pottery into their home without committing to full-on rainbow hues. These vases would look just as good amongst antiques as they do in a modern interior. I know I said I was self-imposing a ban on brown pottery a while back, but I think I need to face up to the fact that I like brown pottery. A lot. I think this stunner with the crusty zig-zag lava band is a Scheurich as well: I believe this Jasba vase is a 50s piece, or at the very least it was manufactured pre-divided Germany as the “West” or “W” is missing from the marking on its base. It needs a good scrub, but for 30 cents that’s not really much of a hardship. My final find of the day is this adorably dinky bud vase, pictured next to our phone for scale… …at just 9 cm it is the smallest piece of West-German pottery I own. Did you pick up any fleamarket/car boot or other finds this weekend?

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3 Responses to Sunday Fleamarket Finds

  1. Dany says:

    50c! Swoon… You lucky thing! Some of those would be $50 – $60 in 2nd hand shops here! Love the white Europ Scheurich :o)

  2. lavalotti says:

    Hi Dany, & thanks! Fleamarket prices for this pottery really are cheap here at the moment, though you would certainly pay quite a bit more in big cities like Berlin or Cologne.

  3. littleowlski says:

    We’ve also got the Scheurich brown zigzag one, but ours is in the craziest coloured glaze! It’s every colour mixed together with a black zigzag. Love the white ones, our white collection is currently packed away but will be coming back out at some point. Emma x

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