I have wanted a vintage sunburst mirror for years, and now that the trend for them has faded somewhat, I finally got lucky on ebay and snagged a wooden one in a heated bidding war for under 20 EUR. It was listed as Art Deco style 1920s-1940s, which is fair enough, but I’m quite certain that it is a nicely executed repro. No matter, it was a bargain and it’s cute as heck. Only problem: I meant for it to replace the ghetto mirror in the guest bathroom downstairs, but…the mirror surface isn’t wide enough to be much use. Thus, Sunburst is now doing his best to inject a shot of much-needed glamour in a corner of the master bedroom that currently houses a low BILLY shelf that has seen better days. This may not be its final location, but I do like how it reflects the trees outside and bounces some light around the room.

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3 Responses to Sunburst!

  1. littleowlski says:

    That looks pretty cool, I think I might have to start looking for one for my house! Emma x

  2. afterglowretro says:

    love this, I have a collection of Starburst clocks but no mirrors yet, they look great with teak or rosewood furniture and vintage glass and pottery, including ‘fat lava’.

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