West-German Pottery Finds

Last weekend was cold and rainy, so the various Easter fleamarkets going on in our area were a bit of a literal washout. We did manage to find a few cool things, the above wall vase being my husband’s find. He pulled it out of a cardboard box full of things priced at 1 EUR… it’s in perfect condition and has that cavewall-like textured surface and the natural colours that were so popular in the 70s. I think it might be Scheurich but am not at all sure. This colourful jug is a Scheurich piece and simply demanded to be rescued and allowed to glow among its friends in our living room. The darling bud vase on the left has a pristine lemon yellow interior and is probably by Jasba. That white, crackly looking glaze is called “Schrumpflasur” in German-“shrunken” glaze. The vase in the middle is yet another Scheurich in what must have been a very popular colour combination, since I already own its twin. Here’s hoping for better spring weather and fleamarketing soon!

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6 Responses to West-German Pottery Finds

  1. Jan says:

    eine sehr schöne Vasensammlung, ich muss auch noch auf den flohmarkt! Liebe Grüße, Jan

  2. Hi -great collection, first one looks like Ruscha Art…think I have myself with the label still in tact.
    Hope we all get better weather soon !

  3. Stacy says:

    I love the wall vase!

  4. Denyse Cohen says:

    I’ve just started a ceramic class and I’m looking for inspiration. This is a great blog. Thanks for posting.

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