In Bloom

Other people have garden gnomes, we’ve got a T-Rex. T-Rex is a leftover specimen from my childhood obsession with dinosaurs, and while for the past two decades he’s been content to hang out in various flower pots, he’s now on the loose and roaming free in our garden. I may have to find him a mate. After weeks of cold and rain, we had amazing summer weather on Saturday & Sunday and the plants are happily responding. Unfortunately, we spent much of the weekend washing, hemming, and hanging bedroom curtains (pics to follow) and being sick with a tenacious and grotty cold. We really need to get our act together on the planting front, especially if we want to harvest any of the vegetables on our list before the season’s out… There are so many small to intermediate tasks to complete on the exterior of the house & garden that procrastination seems the only answer at the moment. Happy remaining Sunday!

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3 Responses to In Bloom

  1. Corry says:

    What joy to see the spring flowers in your garden for the first time. The Rhododendron looks gorgeous. Do you know what the pink flower is? I love the Korus sneaking up behind T-Rex!
    Hope you get over the cold quickly. The weather looks to lovely to be ill.

  2. Corry says:

    PS. sorry about the typo. Too lovely.

    • lavalotti says:

      I wish I knew what the pink flower is; it’s blooming at the far end of the front lawn where the composter is and suddenly redeems what is usually a pretty bland-looking shrub 🙂

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