Garden Sculpture, Zinc Planters New and Repurposed, This & That

When your house is a small 1960s townhouse with a bijou garden to go with it, you feel the sudden need to choose garden ornaments that add something a bit special. And I’m not just talking about the marauding t-rex. A couple of weeks ago we went to a garden show and fell in love with the kinetic glass sculptures made by German artist Stefan Wiese. Wiese’s sculptures combine the simple beauty of steel with glass elements that are intended to refract the light and reflect the natural beauty around them; often his sculptures feature a mobile element (the glass ball in ours slowly travels up and down the steel spiral when there’s a breeze.) They’re quite hypnotic to watch and look beautiful with raindrops on them. Wiese has been commissioned to do art for public spaces in Germany too and creates a wide variety of amazing sculpture featuring glass and steel. You can see more of it here. Zinc planters with ladle-type hooks are all the rage in Germany at the moment. After obsessing about which colours to go for I ended up choosing silver and black, but the hanging geraniums we planted in them are hot pink and white. Once the geraniums start blooming and trailing over the sides of the pots they should do a decent job of covering our rusty partition wall. As soon as it stops raining for 5 minutes I’m going to paint that sucker. We scored some vintage zinc wash tubs at the fleamarket and are already putting the smaller one to flowery use; not sure what to plant in the other one yet… Some of our cacti moved up in the world and were rehomed in snazzy minimalist planters (they’re made of plastic, don’t tell anyone) The rhododendrons are in big old bloom……and generally everything’s doing its planty thing out here, aided by the seemingly-constant rain we have been having for days on end. Come on, June, get your act together.

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3 Responses to Garden Sculpture, Zinc Planters New and Repurposed, This & That

  1. Awesome! I love repurposing. Great ideas here!

  2. Corry says:

    It is all looking so pretty! What a lovely surprise the Mauve Rhodo by the front door is. The sunflowers look gorgeous. I can just see a little bit of green peeping up in the vege garden. You could use your second tub for things like mint or corgettes which spread runners and can over power other plants.

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