Industrial Zinc Tub Project: Water Feature

Buoyed by the recent success with our industrial-zinc-tubs-repurposed-as-planters, we thought we’d hammer yet another nail into the coffin of our sanity and go one step beyond. “Is this a vintage feeding trough?” I cheerfully asked the salvage dude selling above zinc tub at the fleamarket today. “No, I believe these were used to de-bristle pig cadavers with boiling water back in the day!” Before I could run away screaming, my husband professed his desire to use the tub as a planter, to which the seller replied “I recently saw one used as a water feature with water lillies floating in it!” My Edvard Munch features immediately settled back into a relaxed and naively game arrangement, and I heard myself wondering out loud whether it would fit in the car….and it did. In a way. Rope was involved. The boot was kinda open. We made it home.

image: Gärtnerei Baum

Thankfully, the magic Google confirms that other people are crazy creative too. I am inspired!

mein schoener garten

mein schoener garten

This one’s a cascade of zinc tubs with water flow…now I just need 10 more!

die gärtner

Crazy zinc tub pond shenanigans are gonna go down over here. If only the rain would stop for 5 minutes.

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5 Responses to Industrial Zinc Tub Project: Water Feature

  1. Judy says:

    I was recently on a wonderful Pocket Garden Tour and saw one of the large tubs (first picture) used as a water feature on a deck.

  2. lavalotti says:

    Ooh, thanks so much for the link! That tub looks exactly like ours. I’m hoping I can pull off my water feature plans without the whole thing looking too weird…

  3. brismod says:

    Oh this made me laugh. I could imagine your reaction when hearing about the tub’s original purpose. It looks great and you have to respect something which comes attached with a good story. xx

  4. Joe says:

    We were soooo looking forward to the summer and making a start on the wilderness that is our new garden. Alas it hasn’t stopped raining in Devon. I like the tub idea, hmmm maybe it will double as a boat?
    Look forward to seeing the finished result. x

  5. lavalotti says:

    I think it will double as a boat! At this rate I don’t even need to fill it with water; the rain is taking care of that for me…

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