Garden Tealight Holders

What, two posts in two days? There’s so much to discuss. Like the lighting issue in the garden and around our patio. I haven’t really solved it, but I have indulged my troubling obsession with tealight and candle holders of all kinds by sourcing…outdoor tealight holders. No, not the kind you use inside all the time anyway and then just place on your deck furniture; I’m talking stuff with spiky poles and such. I thought these little guys looked cheerfully retro enough without being wildly ugly, and the glass lanterns can be detached from their poles and simply popped on a table or hung from a branch.They’re quite perfect for the space beside our patio steps, which doesn’t accommodate much in the way of bigger lamps. These votive holders are called “Mood” & made by German glass manufacturer Leonardo, who in recent years have established themselves as an affordable retailer for decorative glassware over here. Now that the mood lighting is sorted, I would love to find outdoor lighting options that don’t cost a bomb, don’t have sub-standard solar batteries that never charge completely in perenially overcast German weather, or look tacky. Any suggestions?

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