Metal Banister Rejuvination

The weather gods have been smiling kindly upon Kassel and have granted us a five day respite from the constant rain. As soon as the last cloud vanished on Monday, I maniacally gathered my painting supplies together and started working on one of the 345765 exterior projects I have set myself for this summer, of which exactly zero had panned out thus far. Until now. What follows is a series of pics of our newly-painted metal entrance banister. What can I say, my life is wild.The banister is original to the house and has been merrily doing its thing (banisting?) since 1965. Like the professional blogger I am, I neglected to take before-pictures, but trust me when I say that its previous colour (dingy white + rust) looked supremely ghetto. It also provided zero contrast to our white sugar cube of a house. To anyone facing the resuscitation of an old iron railing like this, take heed: this is one of the most boring, time-consuming, muscle and back-breaking tasks I have undertaken in a while. You’ll need to get rid of any rusty paint flakes and uneven bits with a wire brush first. Then, ideally, you’ll sand the surfaces a bit. I abandoned step two quite quickly after nearly losing my mind; if you try to do this with sandpaper (as I was advised by some moron at our local hardware store) you’ll still be sanding the thing down by the time you’re 95 and well-deserving of a luxury cruise. After getting rid of flaking paint bits (make sure to wear a protective mask, you don’t really want to be breathing in microscopic metal particles) you need to rid the metal surfaces of any residue and dirt, and then you’re good to go already! I know, my enthusiasm after completing these preparatory tasks waned considerably as well. It took two coats for me to be happy with the coverage, and I’m sure if the product I used hadn’t been of such good quality I would have been out there much longer (Hammerite, in case you’re interested.) The next thing to undergo my black paint treatment will be the door, by the way. Everything looks better after a coat of black paint.

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One Response to Metal Banister Rejuvination

  1. Joe says:

    In the midst of doing the metal posts and porch underside at the front of the house. I have stripped the paint off with a heat gun and totally put my back out standing at a ridiculous angle on the ladders. I have been working on it for nearly two months and still have not started painting because of bad weather. Seeing this give me some hope that all the work will eventually pay off. It looks lovely, well done!

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