Sunflowers & Pottery

Pretty much in that order. Someone at work said thanks the other day… …and for a while the yellow of the sunflower competed with the yellow of this Roth vase (one of very few Roth pieces I own.) Also: I scored this great Scheurich vase at a fleamarket last weekend. The black and white pottery is starting to take over my collection. For this weekend I have set myself the following, mildly unrealistic, goal: paint over grubby basement wall, paint metal/glass partition frame on patio, visit fleamarket, visit garden center and start doing something to the terrifying pig trough. Let’s hope the nice weather holds for a bit.

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6 Responses to Sunflowers & Pottery

  1. Jan says:

    Die Rothvase ist echt schön, und dir viel Spass bei der großen Pflanzaktion! Ich bin schon gespannt 😉 Liebe Grüße, Jan

  2. Ann says:

    Wow! These are beautiful. What flea market did you go to?

  3. deltadawn1 says:

    LOVE that yellow Roth vase

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