Recent West-German Pottery Finds

Right, I’m back already with pottery galore. This insane West-German floor vase was found at one of our usual Kassel region fleamarket haunts at the Herkules Markt in Vellmar. The orange-brown combo makes me think 1970s, but I’m afraid I have no idea who the manufacturer was. The cat owners among you may not be surprised to learn that our kitties like to poke their heads through the center opening, perhaps hoping for kibble on the other side.On a recent visit to Berlin I found one of my favourite pottery items yet: a huge Scheurich floor vase with animal decor reminiscent of Scheurich’s Montignac pattern. There are several collectable West-German animal-decor patterns out there, many of which were inspired by prehistoric cave paintings such as can be found in the Lascaux caves.

image: Wikipedia

The third floor vase my mom and I sourced in Berlin is also a Scheurich piece, not so much interesting for its flat curry/green glaze colour, but for the cool Bauhaus-inspired relief. You can see it at the very front of this trio: I haven’t cleaned this vase up yet, but something about those striking cog and lever type patterns reminds me of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis…


No? Cave paintings and German Expressionist-Science Fiction film references all in one post, oh my!

via filmcrush

In any case, even though I don’t collect movie posters, I’d be very excited if I ever stumbled across an original Metropolis one at a fleamarket one day.

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2 Responses to Recent West-German Pottery Finds

  1. rubat says:

    The lovely vase (brown/orange ammonite pattern) is a Kera Keramik piece designed by Walter Gerhards in the 70’s….great blog BTW 🙂

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