1950s Hors d’oeuvres Tray

The more I visit fleamarkets and goodwill stores, the more I realise that one could comfortably never buy another brand new piece of dishware or serving ware ever again. It’s all out there. And a lot of it has been sitting around in someone’s kitchen cabinet for decades and emerges looking pristine when it’s time for a household clearout, oh, nearly 50 years later. I spent a grand total of 6 EUR on this 1950s tray set at a charity shop in Berlin. It’s in good shape, sturdy, and will make a more quirky way to serve dips and appetizer-y bits than, say, the same IKEA bowls that 5657689 other people within a 10 km radius own. None of the little serving dishes are marked, so I can’t even begin to guess at a manufacturer; in fact I’m not even sure this is German-made. It reminds me a bit of American Pyrex designs from this period, although it could be Italian too, don’t you think? Like many household items from the 1950s viewed through a 21st century lens, what I like about this piece is that it looks both modern and old-fashioned at the same time. Like whoever designed it was excited about adding a bold, brass, industrial curve to the tray handle, but thought it best to leave the design of the veggie decor whimsical and cute. Who wants dip? And do you collect any vintage cook or serving ware?

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6 Responses to 1950s Hors d’oeuvres Tray

  1. brismod says:

    I love this find of yours. I like vintage villeroy and boch but I’m a sucker for anything a bit quirky. xx

  2. I LOVE thrift shops and flea markets. I never buy dishes new anymore. I collect the old colorful pyrex dishes. I totally would have bought those app trays!

    • lavalotti says:

      I love old Pyrex dishes too and associate very fond memories of growing up with them, especially those with 70s floral decor. My mom recently scored a great Pyrex casserole dish at a yard sale, and I’m thinking of starting up my own little collection of Pyrex too…

  3. littleowlski says:

    This is lovely! I always want to buy these but then think I’ll never use them and talk myself out of it. I’ve seen a lot similar that have been marked as Italian, so maybe this one is as well? Emma x

  4. The similar one that I have, with its wicker edged tray is “Wächtersbach 10534”

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