Fence Prep

Where’d October go? It appears to have been eaten up by the Partial Hedge of Doom (and its many tangled friends):

This is what a hedge looks like after years of neglect. Scary. We probably would have neglected it for a bit longer ourselves, were it not for the fact that we want to replace the ugly ineffective little joke existing fence with a new one, requiring us to cut everything along our property line way back. It was our chance to get rid of this corner of hedge to free up space for new planting projects that will hopefully make our garden look a bit more loved, maintained, purposeful. Luckily we now have a very helpful landscaping artist on our team.  We’re switching out what the Germans call a “Jägerzaun” (literally “hunter’s” fence, and yes, Jägermeister helps this style of fence appear more attractive)…


…and replacing with something not at all rustic, somewhat industrial, but most importantly–no maintenance.

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2 Responses to Fence Prep

  1. Stacy says:

    Looks like you have the perfect little wood chipper there!

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