Bathroom Furniture: Molger

When we remodeled our bathroom a year ago, none of the bathroom storage furniture available within our budget was to my liking. In fact, not a lot of the bathroom furniture outside of our budget was to my liking. It just seems to date SO fast, faster even than tiles and fittings do, and in a small space it just takes up a lot of actual and visual space. My current approach is to make sure that all our bathroom products (excluding medications) fit into our single upright storage cabinet (originally intended to be a placeholder item), but we just needed something like a bench to pop a change of clothes on. Or for the cats to lounge on as they watch us brush our teeth. Okay, okay, we bought it for the cats. IKEA’s Molger line is one of the few that uses actual wood instead of plyboard, and I’m hoping the Alvar Aalto-style simplicity will outlast a few of my style-related whims for the next few years…

via temporary addorisio

…yeah, I’d prefer the Aalto version too. I have also been ridiculously reluctant to choose a much-needed soap dish and soap dispenser for the bathroom, mainly due to the fact that I don’t see why a soap dish should cost over 20 EUR, but I happen to like a soap dish that costs over 20 EUR. I know. If only you had these problems, right?

via Candana

Alessi’s Birillo line seems like a nice, unobtrusive match for our bathroom (and the soap dish has a little draining grid, hooray.) As for some much-needed interest on the walls, maybe a bit of colourful art somewhere, anything? I got nuthin. What’s your bathroom storage and decorating approach? As minimal as possible, ornate, functional or cluttered?

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