Christmas Tree & Winter Weather

Xmas Tree December 2012 030I’m feeling pretty smug this year because I finally succumbed to my longstanding wish of getting a fake Christmas tree, in white, not unlike a set piece for Siegfried & Roy’s Christmas special in Vegas. Go fake or go home! That’s how I now roll at Christmas. Xmas Tree December 2012 010No more pine needles all over the floor, no more paying silly prices for a tree that has been chopped down just to sit in my living room for 3 weeks before being dumped on the side of the road in January. The only downside? Poppy, our Siamese Ninja-Cat, didn’t get the memo about this not being a real tree. She doesn’t care, and destroy it she must. That silver tree blanket that is designed to artfully hide the wires and tree base? It’s always scrunched up like a crazed cat has been rolling around on and under it, mainly because that’s exactly what does happen here for most of the day. Those cute little decorations that I don’t have enough of as is to cover my big fake tree? I’m always pulling one out of a cat’s eager paws or our dog’s mouth. No artful Christmas here, folks. Xmas Tree December 2012 018In other amazing news, I finally found a new set of pillows for the livingroom sofa. You didn’t even know I was looking for new pillows, right? I’m so sneaky that way. Imagine my boundless joy at finding a pair of sheepskin beauties in the most lovely taupey-grey at IKEA on Friday…boundless joy. These pillows appear not to be on the website yet, but they’re called ALLEBY and also come in black and white. Who says you can’t do chalet glamour in a terrace? Silly chalet naysayers.Xmas Tree December 2012 011Just like most everybody else in our neighbourhood we have been wrestling with Christmas lights most weekends in an attempt to make things look festive. What would we do without our professional lighting specialists? Xmas Tree December 2012 045Today is the first day of proper, in-your-face snow here in Kassel. Guess it’s too late to source that protective patio furniture cover. Xmas Tree December 2012 039Xmas Tree December 2012 040Have a lovely second advent, everyone.

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7 Responses to Christmas Tree & Winter Weather

  1. Kylie says:

    Just be sure to store your fake white out of the light when Christmas is done and dusted (ours which I loved, turned yellow after a few years – even though I thought I had stored it properly)
    I don’t like fake green trees – I think if its gotta be fake its gotta be white (or another colour like pink)
    Last year when we discovered ours had turned yellow, my husband and youngest daughter built one from wood. It is a bit el rustico (ha!) but we like it.

  2. Dana@Mid2Mod says:

    Your tree is gorgeous, and so are your new pillows. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on!

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks! These pillows are the first non-utilitarian thing from IKEA that I have been wowed by recently; the quality is really plush. I might go back for a third pillow in black for our armchair…

  3. Joe says:

    Already counting the days till I can take down my ‘non-drop’ tree that is dropping everywhere. Love your tree and yes it’s very Vegas and very cool. Great photos. Happy Christmas. x

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow a white tree. How did you get that past the boss? We didn’t even get a tree this Xmas. We resorted to hanging decorations on the kitchen cupboard handles. Hope you all had a great trip to see the whanau. Talk soon.

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