Greetings, I’m Charlotte. I live in Germany with my husband and an ever-increasing assortment of West German ceramics (“fat lava”- the “lava” part of the blog), flea market finds, and two cats. This blog will touch on all of those things, and more. In addition to ceramics, cats, and my husband, I have an interest in mid-century modern furniture and design, antiques and collectibles, cooking, travelling, literature and stationery. Scanning that list makes me sound sadder than I think I actually am. Probably.

I’m American but am a bilingual speaker of English and German, having lived a substantial part of my life in German-speaking countries. I might throw an occasional German sentence in the mix just to check that you’re actually paying attention. Though I am an active follower of many blogs, this is my first attempt to create one myself. I hope you’ll bear with me while I learn the ropes.