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Meet Winnie

This is one of the happier reasons I haven’t been posting so much this past month: our new English bulldog puppy, Winnie. English bulldogs look grumpy but are some of the sweetest, most affectionate dog breeds out there. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Handpainted Russian Easter Eggs

Let’s hear it for blog titles that get right to the point! I picked these up at the fleamarket on my last visit to Berlin. There is a large Russian community in Berlin, so sellers with beautiful selections of traditional, … Continue reading

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So far

The first week of February 2011 held this for us: prepare to make an offer on a house, have the house snatched up by someone else at the last minute; work, work, work; try to keep up with the mild/cold/mild/cold … Continue reading

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Lamp Quest Take Two

Is Saturday almost over already? Seems like all I did was cook lunch and clean the apartment. Hey wait…that is all I achieved today. You know how it goes. But I feel today won’t be complete without yet another lamp … Continue reading

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It’s Friday Night…

…let’s eat pan-fried salmon and roasted pumpkin! Well, that’s what we’re having anyway. Are you excited? I am. The marinade I made for the salmon fillets is a riff on a recipe I originally got from God knows where; I’d … Continue reading

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Womble and Poppy’s 15 Seconds of Fame

I feel like such a showbiz mom telling you this, but our cats made the cut for desire to inspire’s “Monday’s Pets on Furniture” feature! If you’re interested in interior design, their fantastic blog is probably already a daily must-read … Continue reading

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