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1950s Hors d’oeuvres Tray

The more I visit fleamarkets and goodwill stores, the more I realise that one could comfortably never buy another brand new piece of dishware or serving ware ever again. It’s all out there. And a lot of it has been … Continue reading

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Sunday Fleamarket Finds

Hoorah! Fleamarket season has tentatively begun in overcast, chilly Kassel. Let me begin by working through a (small) backlog of West-German pottery finds first though: I picked up this deep blue Bay Keramik vase last weekend for 50 cents. Don’t … Continue reading

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Weekend Fleamarket Finds & Trend Confirmations

This weekend was the first in about a month that I managed to find anything substantial on the pottery front worth making space on my bookshelves for. There’s a bit of a summer lull going on at the moment: many … Continue reading

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Collecting West German Ceramics (Fat Lava)

My collection of West German ceramics was initially a byproduct of my developing interest in mid-century modern furniture, which in turn was properly sparked when I inherited several items of furniture from my grandparents. Having spent a considerable portion of … Continue reading

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Curating a Life

In recent years the blog world has opened a window for people like me who are passionate about putting together their homes, interested in interior design and collectibles, but not blessed with the budgets that are presumably behind the interiors … Continue reading

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